Changing... Guitar Strings

Al here. I've been playing guitar (lazily) for about 15 years, but in taking this musical adventure seriously I decided it was time to learn to change my guitar strings out.

I originally planned on restringing my Fender Stratocaster, so naturally I Googled, "what strings to use for fender stratocaster". The recommendation I went with after a haphazard vetting process was Fender 250Ls.

Please note, I was distracted with another project (revamping the practice space in my basement) and lost sight of it being my stratocaster that I wanted to string... so in the coming photos, you will see that I decided to restring my Wildkat instead.

The first thing I learned...

Is why you get three sets of strings in one pack. It's actually pretty easy as long as you can manage not to break any strings. I broke the high E string twice trying to restring my Epiphone Wildkat. I only had the one pack of strings, so I was very pleased when I managed to successfully get the last string in place.

The second thing I learned...

Is to make sure to pay attention to which direction you are winding the string. I wound a couple strings backwards and now it's a little weird tuning. Ha oops.

I'm excited to restring my other guitars and figure out which strings are my favorite. If any guitarists or bassists out there have favorites they want to share, I'm all ears!

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