Day 1

Hi, I'm Al.

Let me just say right now, I am a noob.

Welcome to this website I just created for a very fundamental all-girl, queer-, indie, alt-rock band, The Left Swipes.

Rachel found us each in our own corner of Northeast Ohio, loving music and wanting to do more with it. What started as Rachel (Leader, MIDI), Natalie (Piano, Vocals), and me (Documentarian, Guitar) grew to include a powerhouse bassist (who after attending one practice, quit) and kick-ass drummer, Cassie.

Today is Wednesday, December 29th 2021 and the four of us Left Swipers have our first performance booked for January 7th, 2022.

I say "performance booked" very loosely, we are playing the backtrack for Cassie's number in a drag show. Still counts! We're excited.

None of us have been in a band before, besides Cassie. (Cassie is so cool).

We are awkward, choppy, rough around the edges.

We are passionate, energetic, and weird.

We are The Left Swipes, Ohio Band.
Welcome to the shit show.
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